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Weekly Gatherings 

Sunday Mornings | Prayer Mtg. 9 am  & Sunday Morning Service 10 am
Wednesday Evenings |  Faith Youth Group 6:30 pm & Adult Prayer Mtg. 7 pm
Friday Mornings | Men’s Breakfast 7:30 am @ Town & Country Restaurant, Dixon
                                                                      Additional Events
Feb 7 – April 11: LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY – 1 PETER –  9 – 11 am
                                                                                             (at Sara Ortgiesen’s home)
                                                                                             We will be using a video series by Jen Wilkins.
                                                                                             All ladies welcome.  Sorry, no childcare provided.
                              Looking Ahead
March 8 :  Ladies’ Fellowship Dinner, 6 pm (See Laurie Wegmeyer)
March 17 :  Young Couples’ Fellowship, 6 pm, at Aaron & Beth Fassler’s
April 1:  Resurrection Egg Hunt and Resurrection Breakfast, details to follow
                            March 24: IRON  SHARPENS  IRON  Conference for Men of all ages
                                                                               Saturday, March 24:  8:30 am – 4:55 pm  (Davenport, Iowa)
                                  For more information see the church bulletin.  We coordinate group registration and transportation.
We Need Your Help!
             WORK  DAYS  SCHEDULED  at the new  FCS  Elementary School        Hands are needed to help get our rooms ready!
                Saturdays, starting at 8 am             Adults needed, ages 13 and up welcome to help!  March 10 & March 17
                  Please refer to Faith Christian School website for up-to-date information, dates, giving opportunities and events.

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