Daniel Fast
At Faith Assembly, we dedicate each January to seeking God through prayer and fasting. We take special and specific time out for prayer, seeking God’s direction for His church and personal renewal for the new year.
Many that practice the Daniel Fast with us have discovered new things about themselves, and more importantly, have drawn closer to God during this time.
2 Things to Remember:
About the Food
The Daniel Fast is a method of fasting based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament prophet Daniel. During this fast, we restrict certain foods for a spiritual purpose.
Eat simply! This way, you can invest more of your time and attention with the Lord.
Don’t put so much focus on the food that you miss out on the powerful spiritual benefits of the fasting experience. With this in mind, realize you will need to spend some time thinking about food and food choice for meals, so planning ahead is important. This fast is between you and God, so how strict or flexible you are is up to you. Resist being legalistic about it, but rather put into practice what you’re sensing from the Lord you need to practice during this time. ​
About the Relationship
The Fast is a time of seeking the Lord, studying His Word and setting aside time for prayer. This time can be powerful for putting the flesh under the authority of the Spirit. It can be a time where great spiritual habits are formed and destructive habits are abandoned while your mind and body are focused on spiritual things.
During this time, we set ourselves apart to seek God and study His Word, which will reap so many benefits in your relationship with Him! Feast on His Word, meditate on His abounding love, unlimited grace, sovereign Lordship; and through it you will find a heart full of gratitude.
Let the fact that you are the beloved sons and daughters of the Most High sink deeply into your soul.
This is also a great time to start planning for Sabbath days on the calendar with your family, becoming more self-aware (examining yourself and your actions and how they impact you and others) and paying attention to soul care on a regular basis.
The Food Basics
The Basics
  • Eliminate meats (and animal products)
  • Cut out dairy products
  • Eliminate sugars and sugar substitutes (honey is acceptable)
  • Avoid processed foods (reading labels is a must) and alcohol
Instead, Eat the Good Stuff
  • Drink lots of water. Try infusing water with fruit, veggies, and herbs.
  • Plan ahead. Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  • For meat lovers, there are tasty, hearty substitutes in many of the linked recipes on our website.
  • Some people will eat organic veggie or whole grain pasta as a part of their diet. Some choose not to eat any grains at all, so tailor your fast according to your convictions.
If you have a serious medical condition, you may need to check with your doctor before changing your diet. However, the Daniel Fast is a very healthy way of eating.