Issues of fairness or injustice, lifelong hurts, what to do in the midst of conflict,
or wishing people we care about would just quit fighting.
It’s one thing to say that peace is important
and it’s another to be involved in making it happen.
Loads of folks talk about it, hope for it, work hard to get it
and still feel like it stays somewhere out on the horizon.
The only real example we have for making peace is in Jesus Christ.
This month we are taking a good look at real life stories and
allowing God’s perspective to forge real paths to peace where there was none before.
God Is Kind to Us… Even When We Don’t Deserve It
Even when we were still sinners, Jesus died for us. But as we read the Gospels, we find that Jesus didn’t just model kindness… He also commanded it.
Here are some of the things we address in this series:
     What does kindness really look like?
     When is it hard to be kind?
     Have you ever received unexpected kindness?
     How can I be kind to people who don’t deserve it
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